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Revitalize your tired muscles with our innovative Compression Therapy Stockings, now available at PEAK IV Therapy and Regenerative Medicine. Compression therapy is a simple yet effective way to boost circulation, reduce swelling, and speed up muscle recovery. Our specially designed stockings gently squeeze your legs, enhancing blood flow, and providing relief from fatigue and discomfort. Perfect for athletes, those on their feet all day, or anyone seeking improved leg health. Plus, we offer additional attachments for targeted hip and arm therapy, ensuring full-body comfort and recovery. Pair it with our vibration therapy for even further muscle enhancement.

$20 por 20 minutos

Paquete individual-Blanco-Inflado_V1_bp_0718040e-02de-4d35-8854-3e3b8c8e7613_edited.png


Nuestros sistemas de compresión imitan y ayudan a la biomecánica natural del cuerpo a:

  • Mejorar el flujo sanguíneo

  • Mejorar la función linfática

  • Mitigar la fatiga muscular

  • Reducir el dolor y el dolor

  • Aumentar la flexibilidad y el rango de movimiento.

  • Maximizar el rendimiento muscular

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