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Rejuvenate with our new Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna, now enhanced with Red Light Therapy! Our infrared sauna uses gentle, deep-penetrating heat to detoxify, relax muscles, and improve circulation. Unlike traditional saunas, an infrared sauna uses light to create heat directly in the body, instead of heating the surrounding air, resulting in deeper tissue penetration. And with the added power of Red Light Therapy, you can stimulate skin rejuvenation, boost collagen, and accelerate healing at the same time. This is perfect for those seeking to relieve stress, improve skin health, detoxify and enhance overall well-being. Experience the glow of health at PEAK IV Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.

 $30 for 20-minutes 



  • Select from six programs created from clinical research to deliver each wavelength at the optimal dosage.

  • Chromotherapy lighting enhances your home sauna using colors from the sun’s visible light spectrum to bring balance and mental well-being.

  • Insulating wood encasing to keep in warm air.

  • Wall integrated LED panels for enhanced synergy of red light therapy and deeper-penetrating near infrared.

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