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Get the "skinny" on lipotropic injections

Updated: May 7, 2023

What are The Mini-Skinny Booster Shot and The Skinny IV


by Kim Escudero, MD

The Mini-Skinny booster shot contains a compound that helps improve your body’s fat metabolism. It is an injection into the arm and takes about 15 minutes.

With the Skinny IV therapy, a catheter is inserted into the vein and a liter of hydrating fluid combined with metabolism-enhancing vitamins is given directly into the body. An injection into the arm is then given to help improve fat metabolism. You will need an hour to receive this relaxing service.

The active component in both of these services is called a lipotropic injection.

What is a Lipotropic injection?

Lipotropic injections are vitamins and nutrients that can help boost metabolism and reduce fat storage. For this reason, they have gained popularity in aiding weight loss.

Lipotrophic injections are injected directly into the muscle of the arm, and typically contain MIC (see below) with or without vitamin B12. One injection is not enough to see obvious results, but the number of injections needed will vary from person to person. The average injection is once per week, but some will do better with twice weekly, while others only need twice a month. Remember, these injections will work best when used in combination with regular exercise and a healthy nutrition plan.

The Mini-Skinny Booster Shot or The Skinny IV infusion (MIC)

Methionine, inositol, and choline are three nutrients that when combined, help your body to mobilize fat, preventing your body from storing it so that you can metabolize it (burn it) more efficiently.

· Methionine helps prevent fat deposits in your liver and is a powerful antioxidant, also helping your body to detoxify.

· Inositol supplementation can help reduce triglycerides and cholesterol levels. It also improves insulin sensitivity and blood glucose levels. Inositol can also affect the neurotransmitters in your brain, including serotonin, which have a role in depression and anxiety.

· Choline plays an important role in the metabolism of fat; it breaks down fat for use as an energy source. In addition, your brain and nervous system need it to regulate memory, mood, and muscle control.

Vitamin B12 shots

Vitamin B12 has many functions in the body. It is important in:

· The production of energy by helping convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose)

· Supporting mitochondria to produce energy and increase metabolism

· Maintaining the proper size and function of red blood cells

· Maintaining healthy nerve cells

· The production of DNA and RNA, the body’s genetic material

So how does it help with weight loss?

B12 supports weight loss by energizing your metabolism, which can boost the lipotropic MIC's ability to burn fat.

MIC is most beneficial when given twice a week. It also works best in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. MIC can be given alone or combined with vitamin B12 into one injection.

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